The company LINDIRIDIS EMM. Ltd., deals with the trade of air compressors, vacuum pumps, as well as automation of pneumatic systems and compressed air components.

Manoli Lindiridis established “Lindiridis Emm Ltd” in 1972 and was involved with air conditioning systems and air compressor installations.
In the middle of the 80s decade, his children Vicky and Harry have active participation in the company and “Lindiridis Emm Ltd” has the exclusive representation Compair – Hydrovane air compressors, which they continue to service and repair until today.

In the beginning of the 90s decade, the company enters the field of pneumatic systems by representing many Italian companies, which, because of their reliable quality, they still use.
It was in 1995, when “Lindiridis Emm Ltd” became exclusive distributor in Greece of Gebr. Becker Gmbh, well known in the field of printing, woodworking and packing and which is a global leading manufacturer of vacuum and pneumatic equipment.
In the year 2001, they became exclusive distributor in Greece of  Ceccato air compressors, with more than 60 years experience in compressed air technology, which was acquisitioned  by the Atlas Copco group in 1998 one of the leaders in the compressed air and well known worldwide for their excellent quality.
In 2015 and 2018, the representation of GENTILIN-CLINIC and NARDI air compressors started, respectively, adding to the company’s program and covering a large field of OIL-FREE and high pressure air compressors. In 2019, it entered the field of nitrogen and oxygen generator, undertaking the representation of PNEUMATECH of the ATLAS-COPCO group.

In 2011 the new generation, the grandchildren of Manolis Lindiridis, begins to enter the company.
Manos Patras in 2011 undertakes the reorganization of the workshop and the management of the sales of the department of air compressors and vacuum pumps, with great success.
Then in 2020 Evita Lindiridis and in 2021 Manolis Lindiridis junior, start and undertake the reorganization of the financial department of the company.

The central offices of “Lindiridis Emm Ltd” are based at their own facilities, in Ilioupolis, a suburb of Athens and are involved with selling-servicing-repairing air compressor and vacuum pumps, by keeping stock of units, spare parts and a specialized workshop with qualified technicians capable to service and repair almost any type of air compressor and vacuum pump.
The branch offices are based in the center of Athens and are involved in the fields of pneumatic systems and handles.

All the products  which “Lindiridis Emm Ltd “ represents or deals with, are from Europe, they are well known globally and are designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO certifications, guaranteeing dependability and long service life.
The primary purpose of “Lindiridis Emm Ltd”, from establishment until today, is the professional and quick –response service towards our customers and the honest answer for each question they have. With this philosophy and the long-term cooperation with our suppliers, we ensure our customers that we will be on their side for many years in the future.